Wrap Up Science Hack Day 2013.

Thanks everyone for an awesome Science Hack Day 2013!!

Here is one of SHD NBI 2013 organizers with a welcome message 


Science Hack day, Nairobi - 2013 @ Demo Time 

SHD NBI 2013 @ Demo time

  • Mama Infants App: 

Sources vary, but many estimate that approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage; and some estimates are as high as 1 in 3. If you include loss that occurs before a positive pregnancy test, some estimate that 40% of all conceptions result in loss showing there is a need for an expectant mother or young mother to know what to do when to do it thus Mama infant app will come in. 

The application is that guide book every expectant mother or young mother should always have it will take u through the transition to mother hood with the steps for  every month of pregnancy, the do and the don’ts with a specific diet for a young mother or the expectant mother. 

We care for the future because we care for our infants mothers. 

Group MembersPatricia Chebet (patchebby[at]gmail.com) || Francis Njoroge (frankwanjira8[at]gmail.com) || Samuel Njenga (samnjengah254[at]gmail.com) 

  • Machine Learning (M.L) for Physics 

Jess Muenkel and Prof. Matt Bellis from Siena University

This is a project based on ideas of Machine Learning (M.L). The group had to train computers to accurately recognize sentences in either Swahili or English out of reading entries from Wikipedia in both languages. Similar rules and techniques were applied afterwards to detect the presence of particular sub-atomic particles inside Physics data collected from the Compact Muon Solenoid (C.M.S) experiment at CERN. 

Group Members: Jessica Muenkel / ja06muen[at]siena.edu || Chiteri, Martin Akolo (@chiteri) / chiteri[at]geek.co.ke || Prof. Matt Bellis (@matt_bellis) / mbellis[at]siena.edu || David Ajowi (@daaj) / ajowi[at]daniche.co.ke || Frankie Onuonga (@FOnuonga) / frankie.onuonga[at]gmail.com || Morris Mwanga ( www.nerd.co.ke/morris ) / morris[at]nerd.co.ke 

All projects and winners are being updated in the Wiki Page

The rest of the pictures are on a set on Flickr 

We also have an entry for the conference on Lanyrd

Thanks to all our sponsors for the support, without you the event would not be possible.

Follow us on Twitter for updates regarding Science Hack Day Nairobi 2014 

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Last batch of tickets

Last batch of tickets, grab yours before they are all gone

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Science Hack Day Nairobi 2013

June 7-9, 2013


More info: http://nairobi.sciencehackday.com

Twitter: http://twitter.com/scihacknairobi

Wiki: http://shdnairobi.pbworks.com/ 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/552552804789309/ 

Lanyrd: http://lanyrd.com/2013/science-hack-day-nairobi/ 


Interested in sponsoring or helping organize? Email Morris at morris@nerd.co.ke


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Second Round of Tickets

The next 75 batch of tickets available here

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Science Hack Day Nairobi Postponed

Due to some logistics road bumps, we've postponed Science Hack Day Nairobi 2013 to June 7th - June 9th 2013.


All other details remain the same:

Venue: Start-up garage a.k.a 88mph, Nairobi (At the top floorof the 40 Piedmont Plaza building, the one with the Brew Bistro lounge, along Ngong' road)

Date: 7th June 2013 @4:00PM to 9th June 2013 @5:00PM

RegistrationFree Tickets Here (First Round of tickets)

Schedule : Coming soon   2013 Schedule

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Science Hack Day Nairobi 2013 is live

After a successful Science Hack Day 2012, Science Hack Day 2013 is scheduled for 3rd May to 5th May 2013.

Venue: Start-up garage a.k.a 88mph, Nairobi (At the top floor of the 40 Piedmont Plaza building, the one with the Brew Bistro lounge, along Ngong' road)

Date: 3rd May 2013 @4:00PM to 5th May 2013 @5:00PM

Registration: Registration and attendance is free (Registration will be opened up in March)



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Science hack day Nairobi in other News

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Winning Hacks

2012 Hacks @Demo time 

Dr. Matt Bellis joins via Skype. 

Matt Bellis via Skype from the U.S of A

  • First place: Alpharex (by Leah Atieno

Leah Atieno presenting her robotics hack

This a robot that was programmed to moon-walk 10 steps or so backwards and display a smiley face on its LCD screen. Leah's motivation was simply to have fun but at the same time meet fellow hackers. 

  • Second place: Data Mash (by George Mbuthia)

George Mbuthia on data mash

The is a tool that lets anyone with some data upload the data and have it analysed to obtain the simple measures of arithimetic such as average, median etc

APIs, data and tools used:

  1. Telerik Data Visualisation tools
  2. ASP.NET MVC 3
  • Third place: Ufahamu (by Dennis Munene and Anthony Oroko )

George Mbuthia with data mash


Malaria claims three million lives every year worldwide, most of them in the countries south of the Sahara. In Kenya, it is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality. That is, 25 million out of a population of 34 million Kenyans are at risk of malaria. HELP STOP MALARIA! by joining Ufahamu and extending this noble cause.

APIs, data and tools used:

  1. cartodb
  2. tilemill
  3. opendatakenya API's 
  4. cartodb API's
  5. geo:json technology
  6. html5 + css3
  7. Screenshots, photos and videos: http://i1213.photobucket.com/albums/cc463/Inspire_Antonio/ufahamu.png
  8. Source code and links: https://github.com/Vizzuality/cartodb.git
  9. https://opendata.go.ke/
  • Best hardware: Alpharex (by Leah Atieno)
  • Best data: Data Mash (by George Mbuthia)
  • Best science: Muon's Flight Path (by Martin Chiteri + David Ajowi + Matt Bellis)

Matt bellis, Martin and David - Muons Flight path

Muons' flight path is an animation of the journey elementary particles would go if they were to travel un-interrupted from the Physics labs at CERN. This happens after an extremely high-energy proton-proton collision at near the speeds of light inside the Larger Hadron collider. 

APIs and tools used 

  1. Python (Language) 
  2. NumPy (Library for Scientific analysis and number crunching)
  3. Matplotlib (MATLAB for Python - Plotting and graphing library) 
  4. Basemaps (Mapping libraries) 
  5. ffmpeg (Free Multimedia encoding tool)
  6. CMS data set 

Source code:https://github.com/chiteri/shdnbi_lhcdatahack ]

Video: Youtube [ http://youtu.be/ag7w0vgZj5g ] 

  • Best design: Ufahamu (by Anthony Oroko and Dennis Munene)

Best in design award

Find the official list from the wiki

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First Prize, Science Hack Day Nairobi

15 year old girl wins hackathon, news article on Start-up Garage Nairobi's Website

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Photos from Science Hack Day Nairobi 2012

Photos from science Hack Day available on flickr from Matt Biddulph'Morris Mwanga's and Martin Akolo's sets on Flickr.

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Change of venue for event to Start-up garage

The venue of the event has been changed from Strathmore University's iLabAfrica to Start-up garage, also known as 88 Mph.  It occupies the top floor of the 40 Piedmont Plaza along Ngong' Road, Nairobi. This is the same place with the Brew Bistro lounge. The dates remain as advertised earlier, that is from 13th to 15th April, 2012.

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Ideas pitching on event and wiki page

We now have 38 days left to D-Day. We would like to invite people with ideas to work on come the 14th of April to notify us. If you want a slot at the beginning of the evening to pitch for a project, please send an e-mail to either Morris ( mmwanga[at]kennesaw.edu or Martin ( martin.chiteri[at]gmail.com ). We can fit you in the tentative schedule. 

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Volunteer for Science Hack Day

Want to help with the upcoming Science Hack Day Nairobi?

You could write a blog post, publicize the event, take photos on the day of the event, contribute hack ideas, help setting up the venue, help school going kids with projects, anything at all? Get in touch with Morris at mmwanga@kennesaw.edu

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LHC data hack mentorship for SHD Nairobi

We only have 64 days remaining to Science Hack day Nairobi in April :) 

Dr. Matthew Bellis of Northern Illinois University formerly a collaborator of Stanford University's SLAC project  (Bar-Bar experiment) has started giving personal coaching to those who intend to participate in the LHC data hack. If interested please contact either Morris ( mmwanga[at]kennesaw.edu ) or Martin ( martin.chiteri[at]gmail.com ) for the latest data sets and instructions to be used in subsequent exercises. 

These will build up to the main event so that it inspires those mentored to think up a new hack come D-day.

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Add hack ideas

Couting down days to the Science Hack Day Nairobi chapter, add hack ideas to the wiki page

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LHC data hack

One of the event organizers, actually the Kenyan ambassador for Science Hack day participated in the event at San Francisco in November this year. Their hack which involved visualizing and sonifying some sample data from the L.H.C's (Large Hadron Collider) Compact Muon Solenoid experiments made it to the CERN Website.

Kudos to Morris Mwanga and the team. 

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Hack ideas

Add hack ideas on this wiki.

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About Science hack day

What is Science Hack Day? 

The mission of Science Hack Day is to get excited and make things with science! A Hack Day is a 48-hour-all-night event that brings together designers, developers, scientists and other geeks in the same physical space for a brief but intense period of collaboration, hacking, and building ‘cool stuff’. Hack Days were originally created by Yahoo! in 2005 and soon after became a worldwide trend. By collaborating on focused tasks during this short period, small groups of hackers are capable of producing remarkable results. Some Hack Days have a specific focus. There have already been very successful Music Hack Days and Government Hack Days. It’s time for a Hack Day focused on science!

What is a Hack?  

A hack is a quick solution to a problem – maybe not the most elegant solution, but often the cleverest. On the web, mashups are a common example of hacking: mixing up data from different sources in new and interesting ways.

Who is it for? 

Imagine a Venn diagram showing the intersection of web geeks and science geeks …that’s a pretty big intersection. Science Hack Day is for anyone with an interest in bringing science and technology together. If you’re a coder, designer, scientist, hacker or just an enthusiastic person with good ideas, Science Hack Day is for you.


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